MPPA® processors: a game-changing generation of programmable manycore processors bringing high computing, low power consumption and real-time processing



A comprehensive development environment making it easy to develop applications on MPPA® processors


Platforms & Boards

A complete set of platforms gives you rapid access to development in order to design, evaluate and optimize applications on MPPA® processors


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MPPA®: The Supercomputing on a chip™ solution

MPPA® is a family of programmable manycore processors ideally suited for real-time compute-intensive, low power applications. It relies on Kalray’s proprietary massively parallel processor array (MPPA®), a revolutionary core technology made up of leading-edge components, resulting from many years of research.


The foundation of Kalray’s supercomputing on a chip™ solutions lie in its breakthrough, patented MPPA® manycore processor technology. This revolutionary architecture allows 288 standard C/C++ processors to run in parallel at high performence, low power and very low latency. MPPA® is the only manycore processor in the world to bring as many as 288 computing cores on the same processor. This is a huge advantage for critical applications like networking and storage in data centers, or self-driving cars where you need to run many independant processes at the same time.

MPPA® architecture provides an unparalleled combination of technology benefits:

  • Industry-leading ratio of computing power/energy consumption
  • Time predictability and low latency (less than 1micro-second input to output)
  • Unique processing scalability
  • System density
  • Ability to run a wide set of heterogeneous applications on one chip
  • High programmability (standard C/C++, OpenCL)

MPPA2®-256 (Bostan)

The MPPA2® high-speed I/O processor (Bostan) is the second generation of Kalray’s manycore processor family. Bostan brings an ASIC-level of performance (high computing, low power consumption and real-time processing) with full programmability. Bostan runs 288 C/C++ programmable cores, optimized for networking and storage applications, and includes high speed interfaces like 80GE and PCIe x16 lane Gen3 directly connected to the large matrix of 288 cores and 128 crypto co-processors.

The Bostan core is a 64-bit Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW).

MPPA®-256 (Andey)

The MPPA®-256 is the first generation of Kalray manycore processor family and is composed by an array of 16 clusters and 4 I/O subsystems, themselves connected by two NoCs.

The MPPA®-256 core is a 32-bit VLIW.



AccessCore™ SDK: A complete, standard-based Software environment

Delivering high performance applications requires the software to closely restitute the full capacity the MPPA® cores.
Kalray’s SDK provides a standard C/C++/Fortran based environment including all the tools to quickly develop, debug, and optimize high-performance applications for the MPPA® processor.


  • Rapid Prototyping: thanks to C/C++ based programming models, IEEE floating point compatibility and fast compilation, developers can design and evaluate their application more quickly than with FPGA-based solutions, enabling a faster time to market.
  • Reuse Legacy Code: Kalray’s SDK, an Eclipse-based programming flows, and ANSI-C/C++ supports enable an easy migration of your legacy single-threaded code to a parallel program.
  • Advanced simulation and profiling: AccessCore™ offers a set of simulation & profiling tools allowing the developers to fine-tune their application.


Platforms and Boards: A full set of H/W and S/W solutions enabling fast access to Kalray technology

KONIC: Kalray Open Network Interface Cards)

KONIC is Kalray’s family of open network interface cards delivering network acceleration up to 80Gbps.

  • KONIC40: 40GbE, 25W low profile PCIe board
  • KONIC80: 80GbE, 35W Hlf length PCIe board
  • Two QSFP+ to support 2x40Gbps or 8x 10Gbps
  • Based on the Bostan processor (MPPA2®)


KryptoCard is Kalray’s family of powerful, low power PCI Express (PCIe) encryption and compression acceleration boards for servers.

  • Krypto128: 16 PCIe Gen3 including 128 Kalray crypto co-processor
  • Krypto64: 8 PCIe Gen3 including 64 Kalray crypto co-processor
  • Based on the Bostan processor (MPPA2®)


TurboCard is Kalray’s family of powerful, low power, PCI Express (PCIe) acceleration boards for servers. TurboCard are ideal to accelerate compute intensive applications, including video encoding, image and signal processing, and cryptography.

  • Energy efficient acceleration solution for the x86 processor
  • Based on four MPPA® manycore processor
  • Fully scalable


MPPA® DEVELOPER is a complete and ready to use environment to evaluate, develop and optimize applications on Kalray’s MPPA® processors. MPPA® DEVELOPER delivers the processing power of the 288 cores of the MPPA® processor, associated with the AccessCore™ Software Development Kit (SDK), it is ideally suited to develop and optimize you compute-intensive applications.

EMB Boards

Kalray offers small, cost-effective, flexible and scalable boards, bringing a new approach for developing embedded applications. The MPPA® technology creates new levels of integration with its ability to run independent processes in parallel with low power consumption. The EMB boards provide a complete environment to develop compute-intensive applications for embedded world.

  • Simplify and Accelerate embedded applications
  • Small and Low power platforms
  • Fully compliant with Kalray SDK

Services and Support

Kalray proposes Training, Support and Professional Services to get you started with MPPA® processors development.


Kalray provides introductory trainings to master the MPPA® manycore technology whether you are interested with high-level or low-level programming languages. The courses will give a good understanding of MPPA® programming models and the way to efficiently develop an application on the MPPA® processor.


Kalray provides support to its customer and give access to Kalray Lounge, a privileged, restricted and personal extranet tool.

Engineering Services

Kalray’s engineers are expert in parallel programming. We can support you in your application development to help hasten your time to market.