Kalray, with its patented supercomputing on a chip™ technology, has a full range of solutions that best address critical applications needing real-time, mega-computing power without using a lot of energy.

Data Center Solutions…

Self-driving Car Solutions…

Why Choose Us

  • Best computing power efficiency
  • Time predictability and low latency
  • Multitude of applications on same processor
  • Standard C/C++ software environment
  • Highest system density
  • Unique processing scalability

Data Center


  • MPPA2 High Speed I/O Processor
  • KONIC80/40 SmartNIC
  • KRYPTO128/64 offloading boards
  • OpenDataPlane framework & Linux OS/Drivers


High performance and programmable smartNIC solutions to implement Networking Virtualization for evolving SDN and NFV applications:

  • Highly programmable solution versus other solutions, such as ASIC.
  • Quick turnaround for upgrading protocols or adding new functions: TRILL, NVGRE, VXLAN…High
  • Performance: 8x 10 GbE full duplex line rate throughput , 190Mpps L3 forward capability
  • Only solution that offers 288 computing cores, providing more than 3000 instructions of computation for every 190 million packets
  • Programmable dispatcher for easy acquisition of encapsulated packets


Cost optimized integrated Storage server (NIC + NVME controller):

  • Integrates in one processor NIC and SSD drive functions
  • 3.2 MIOPs with low latency below 25W
  • Encrypt and compress at 40GbE line rate
  • Protocols evolution (NVMEoF) supported by software

Powerful Raid card controller with analytic capability close to SSD:

  • Full RAID card implementation, integrating NVME end point and SSD drive functions
  • 256 cores for user-defined functions as analytics: Deep learning, Database map reduce
  • Four dedicated quad-core processors for flash control functions such as write wear levelling and fast datapath saving on power failure
  • Ultra-low power for data saving in case of power failure (<5W)

Encryption Acceleration

Krypto128/64 acceleration boards for IPsec, OpenSSL respectively in VPN routers and Web servers and for encryption and compression offloading in storage servers:

  • Krypto 128 equipped with one Bostan MPPA processor sustains 120Gbps (PCIe Gen3 X16) bulk encryption with AES-128 + GCM

TurboCard3 acceleration board for cryptoanalysis and compression:

  • TurboCard3 equipped with four Bostan MPPA processors sustains 400Gbps hash generation (SHA-256) or 120Gbps of LZ4 compression

Konic80/40 SmartNIC cards for on-the-fly encryption:

  • Konic80 card equipped with one Bostan MPPA processor sustains 80Gbps full duplex of AES-128 + GCM with only 26% CPU loading, leaving enough compute power to implement all other Ethernet protocol stack functions

Embedded high performance computing (eHPC)

Self-Driving Car

Extreme computing at very low power:

  • Under 10W power consumption
  • Scalable architecture to easily evolve with you
  • No active cooling needed

Data Fusion Solution:

  • Highly programmable software defined system
  • Heterogeneous application execution
  • Advanced debugging and tracing

Reduces complexity and enables safety, security:

  • Qualified standard process technologies, packaging
  • Execution predict