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Programmable Manycore Processor
KALRAY’s MPPA (Multi-Purpose Processor Array) is optimized
to address the demand of high performance, low power embedded systems.

MPPA® MANYCORE is a family of programmable multicore processors, well-suited for compute intensive and embedded applications enabling unique power efficiency.

It relies on KALRAY’s proprietary Multi-Purpose Processor Architecture, a core technology made up of leading-edge components, resulting from many years of research, and enabling application scaling.

Product Family Overview

The MPPA® (Multi-Purpose Processor Array) solution is built around a family of programmable silicon devices implementing KALRAY’s core technology.

The MPPA® MANYCORE chips feature up to one thousand processors on a single die. They come in various configurations to best match customer applications and requirements (see following table). All MPPA® MANYCORE products feature voltage and frequency scaling, allowing optimal power dissipation and computing performance.

Core Generation Number of Processing Cores GFLOPS/W GOPS/W
Andey 256 25 75
Bostan(2014) 256 50 80
Coolidge(2015) 64/256/1024 75 115
Table1 - MPPA MANYCORE Roadmap


The MPPA® MANYCORE is composed of an array of clusters connected through a high-speed Network-on-Chip (NoC). Each cluster contains 16 processing cores, a system core and a shared memory.

The MPPA® MANYCORE family implements state of the art power management techniques as well as innovative patented schemes to reach unprecedented power dissipation over computing power efficiency ratios.

Multiple MPPA® processors can be connected together at board level through a NoC extension, thus enabling virtually any size of processor arrays.

Target Applications

The MPPA® MANYCORE processor family combines high performance capabilities with low power dissipation, making it a perfect fit for power efficient and embedded applications:
- Image and Audio processing: HD encoding, broadcasting, video surveillance, augmented reality
- Signal processing: Radar, telecom, medical
- Intensive Computing: Oil & Gas, finance, video live, streaming, numerical simulation, Bio Sciences
- Control Command: Aeronautics, industrial automation
- Telecom: Routers, cryptography, software defined radio, base station


- From 64 to 1024 cores delivering up to 8 TOPS or 5 TFLOPS
- Best Processing Power / Power Consumption ratio
- C/C++/Fortran based parallel programming solution
- Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) core
- IEEE-754 single and double precision Floating Point Unit (FPU)
- High speed Network on Chip bandwidth
- Advanced NoC Quality of Service enabling predictable data transfer time
- High speed interfaces, Ethernet, DDR3, PCIe Gen3, NoCX
- Low latency processing

Key Benefits

- 5 to 10x performance/power ratio compared to other computing solutions
- 10x improvement in power consumption for typical applications
- Development time reduced by a factor of 2 to 4 compared to FPGA or ASIC designs
- Quick product upgrade through software development

The MPPA® MANYCORE processor achieves this by combining:

- An advanced Silicon technology
- The computing power of the Kalray core
- Numerous simple processors on the same die, running at moderate frequency and linked by a high speed network
- High speed connections to the external world
- Complete software development tools