SOPHI.A 2018 : springboard for artificial intelligence
All day long
From 07-11-18 to 09-11-18

Scientific conferences, debates, round tables, collaborative events, and experiential learning sessions will bring together the academic and business worlds to exchange different views on various current issues, such as A.I. and cognition; A.I. and health; A.I. and life; A.I. and vision; and those related to A.I. and the economy, transport, education, art and creativity, and digital humanities, etc. These are all subjects that go far beyond the traditional framework of scientific disciplinary research and require an open and transdisciplinary approach.

During two evening events open to a large public, sensitive questions will be addressed in a more interactive way to answer citizens’ questions and concerns about the impact of Artificial Intelligence both on their daily lives (work, security, individual freedoms) and on ethical questions (medicine and medical ethics, philosophy of life).

Kalray will be attending this event to present its products and innovative AI solutions. Join Kalray’s CEO, Eric Baissus, on November 8, from 1pm onwards, at INRIA.

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