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Kalray was founded in 2008 as a spin-off from the CEA (the French Department of Energy lab), one the largest research labs in Europe, capitalizing on over 50 years of research and development on new architecture processors.

Kalray is the pioneer in processors for new intelligent systems. A real technological discontinuity, “intelligent” processors have the capability to analyze on the fly and in an intelligent manner, a very large amount of information, and to make decisions and interact in real time with the outside world.

Kalray’s offering encompasses both processors and complete solutions (electronic boards and software). It addresses customers such as server manufacturers, intelligent system integrators and consumer product manufacturers, including car makers.

These intelligent processors will be deployed extensively in fast-growing sectors such as new-generation networks (intelligent data centers) and autonomous vehicles, as well as healthcare equipment, drones and robots.

Today, Kalray employs over 65 employees across its Grenoble and Sophia Antipolis headquarters (France), its North American branch in Los Altos, California, USA and in Tokyo, Japan. Kalray is backed by prominent financial partners as well as large corporate venture funds.


Power the new generation of intelligent systems with a unique high-performance, low-power and time-critical processor solution, the MPPA®.

Product information


The foundations of Kalray’s solutions lie in its manycore architecture, the MPPA® (Massively Parallel Processor Array). This breakthrough technology, protected by over 20 patents, addresses the issues raised by the new generation of intelligent systems:

  • Extreme computing
  • Low-power consumption
  • Real-time processing
  • Full programmability
  • Support of complex systems running multiple critical functions


The Kalray processors are at the core of the new generation of intelligent systems in need of intensive, real-time computing. Kalray is presently focused on two main markets:

  • Data centers : Kalray’s processors enable new-generation intelligent storage systems and networking cards
  • Embedded intelligent systems such as autonomous vehicles

By 2020, the commercial potential of these markets is estimated at $ 3,25 billion with the emergence of artificial intelligence and rapid memory storage (Sources: Gartner/IDC).

Meet CEO Eric Baissus

Eric Baissus has been the CEO of Kalray since 2014, transitioning the French-tech company from a start-up to a scale-up, and steering it toward a bright future as a key player in the industry of intelligent systems. In June 2018, he las led the IPO on Euronext Paris.

Prior to his time at Kalray, Eric has spent 8 years at Texas Instruments leading the development of various chip designs and reference solutions. In 2002, Eric founded and led Open-Plug as CEO and CTO, until it was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent in 2010. OpenPlug was a pioneer and a leader in software frameworks for mobile phones. Its devices shipped in the millions and its customer portfolio included Fortune-100 customers such as Sony-Ericsson and Intel. After the acquisition by Alcatel-Lucent, Eric Baissus became VP R&D and VP Innovation of Alcatel-Lucent Application Enablement, located in Palo Alto, CA, USA.

Passionate about new technologies and turning innovation into business, Eric Baissus occupies several board positions. He has graduated from Ecole Polytechnique (Paris France) and Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télecommunications (Paris France).

Kalray in the news


Kalray unveils its certified intelligent NVME-oF solutions with server and storage leader AIC at ISC 2018

Kalray, a pioneer in processors for new intelligent systems, is proud to announce inline processing and artificial intelligence at the International SuperComputing trade show in Frankfurt from June 25 to June 27 with AIC, a leading provider of both off-the-shelf and OEM/ODM server and storage solutions.

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